"When people would ask me what I did for work or why I started my business, I would tell them my story. Almost. There was a part that I kept hidden; I was too ashamed to tell the story of the exact moment that put me on the map as an entrepreneur.

Flash forward 7 years, and I now tell my entire story in detail. The part of my story my clients connect to most deeply is the same part that I hid for more than five years.

For FIVE YEARS my shame robbed my clients of my services and stagnated my business. This is why I teach my clients how to stop hoarding their story and share their Emotional Why."


I’m Gigi and I’d love to help you solve your biggest challenges.

I’m on a mission – seriously a mission – to reach tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and share with them how they can stop hoarding their story & share their Emotional Why, how to grow their confidence, their revenue & their business. In other words, through conquering their fear & shame and mastering their story, my clients reach more of the people who need their products and services, and grow their revenue.

I’ve spent much of the last decade creating a Coaching System that teaches YOU how to stop holding back & start telling your entire story, how to tap into your Emotional Why, stop playing small, jumpstart slowed or plateaued revenue, unleash your superpower and break through the barriers holding you back in your business.

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