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About Your Webinar Leader & Coach, Gigi Peterkin

Gigi Peterkin uses her combined 25 years of experience in Marketing, Communications, and PR to guide her Business Coaching clients to more revenue through owning their story, aligning their offers, and connecting with the right clients.

Throughout her career, Gigi has launched countless projects, brands, fundraisers, and built a few businesses. No longer looking for the “next big thing,” she practices Intentional Business Coaching, using Mindfulness and Intentionality to teach her clients to break through the barriers that hold them back from achieving their biggest goals.

She is a professional speaker (SXSW, the Business Development Institute, and on stages from Paris to London, NYC, L.A., and many stops in between), a Coach, and a Writer. Hew new book "Confessions of a Story Hoarder" will be available for pre-order at the end of 2019.

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