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People find Branding vs. Marketing confusing. Here’s something to help clarify. It’s simple, not easy, and something we can all do. Where are you in your business? Are you refining your Branding, your Marketing, or looking for more MVPs? It’s all a cycle. Remember to have fun!



VIDEO: The Low-Down on the 2019 Storyteller Summer Camp for Entrepreneurs

What is this summer camp you’ve been hearing about and how will it help you business? (Spoiler #1: how does increasing your revenue in just 4 weeks sound?). Will there be s’mores? (Spoiler #2: YES!). Get the answers to these questions and more in this quick Storyteller Summer Camp FAQ video. Heads up: the camera went wonky (technology!) but the content was too good to scrap. Check out the video to see how I solved it!

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VIDEO: Why Being a Story Hoarder is Bad for Your Business

The perils (to your business) of withholding the emotional WHY of your story, aka Story Hoarding, and what you can do about it.


VIDEO: But First, Meditate

I did a quick FB Live today and wanted to share it here. It will be archived on the Blog as well as my YouTube channel). Find out why I start my day and even some of my Coaching Sessions with meditation — even before coffee! — and how science and mindfulness masters back up my findings! 

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