Gigi is PHENOMENAL! She was too fabulous speaking at the National Black Nurses Association Annual Conference. She introduced participants on how to use Social Media for our strategic pillars, particularly advocacy. After a seven-minute conversation with Gigi, I better understood how to advertise and get people to view the Association’s Facebook page.  - Milicent Gorham, Executive Director, National Black Nurses Association

Gigi’s wonderful talk at the #140 conference in Montreal walked us through the foundation of your brand and your community. The beauty of social media is to bring everyone together, be they near or far. Gigi’s presentation on building communities did just that.

- Mila Araujo, #140MTL Conference Organizer

Gigi’s presentation was great and surrounded with tried and tested pilots for integrating social media POVs.  - Jess Seilheimer, Blogger

The Health Apps Panel [moderated by Gigi Peterkin] at SXSW 2011 was awesome. Key takeaway: show results and doors will open. - Justine Lam, Genomics

Gigi is very organised, planning with you the steps to take to produce a good communication, with enough time for version review, bringing creative ideas to the table for layout and content for the article. I worked with Gigi over a number of publications, and even when drafted in at the last minute, Gigi would do a very thorough job and produce high quality work. - Marion Page, Director, AstraZeneca R&D

Gigi offers so much more than creative graphic design. She has experience and knowledge of many other fields (facilitation, creative thinking, social networking, organizational development, etc.) that allows her to think both about the details of the project as well as the big picture. I first worked with her as a vendor where she really impressed me as someone who "got it," and when I had the opportunity to hire her, I jumped at it. And will do so again! Gigi is a definite keeper and a sharp person to have on your side.

- Jonathan Vehar, Partner New & Improved

Gigi is an extremely capable commmunications professional - adept at translating complex pieces of information into simple, understandable messages, tailored for different audiences. She turns work around quickly, will challenge in the right places and deploys good influencing skills to get the right result. - Lisa Blockley, Astra Zeneca