Gigi is a professional with a vast understanding of media, public outreach and PR. From crafting a digital strategy or a delicate sentence, Gigi has the talent to know what works, how subtle differences can make a big difference and the experience to just know better!

And she’s fun too! There’s simply no one better in my book!
— JOHN NOSTA | Nosta Labs, Google Health

“Gigi is a triple threat...she is strategic, innovative, and a top-notch communicator. She sees the big picture and engages the right people to produce a quality product. She is also an interactive media guru and greatly respected for her knowledge in this area.”

— Corinne Schweers | AstraZeneca

“Gigi is a big picture thinker, and completely in tune with all things marketing. She successfully re-branded the organization including new name, logo and website - a massive project that was completed on time and on budget. ”

— Jessica Martin | NephCure Kidney International

"Gigi very clearly and expertly helped me better understand the importance and value of social media and how to get more information out on social media platforms. After a 7-minute conversation, I better understood how to advertise and get people to view the association’s Facebook page."

— Millicent Gorham | National Black Nurses Assn.

“Gigi’s knowledge of creative thinking, social networking, organizational development and marketing allows her to think both about the details of the project as well as the big picture...when I had the opportunity to hire her, I jumped at it. And will do so again! Gigi is a definite keeper and a sharp person to have on your side.”

— Jonathan Vehar | New & Improved LLC

“Gigi brought a deep understanding of digital branding and content management to her work with our firm. Our conversations always focused on brand impact and content distribution across targeted marketing channels. I would recommend Gigi to any firm seeking a proven strategic marketing expert.”

— Chris Smith | The Barbour Group

"I hired Gigi to look after my publicity with my first self-published book ‘The LAST Snowman’. She brought creative solutions, expertise and warmth to my media and blogger outreach. Her sensitivity to my online "voice" and by extension, my "brand", was integral to the success of the campaign. I'll continue to use her services. Highly recommended for anyone needing a rocking publicist."

— JC Little | Animator, Author, Storyteller

case studies


BRAND SUCCESS STORY: NephCure Debuts on Wall Street

It's not often you get the opportunity to introduce your new brand during the opening bell on Wall Street! Global non-profit NephCure Kidney International did (guys, it was surreal to be there)! Before they could say yes to a date with Wall Street, they needed to clear the clutter on their past relationship with their old brand. They hired Gigi Peterkin to deliver for them, and kept their date with Wall Street and their tens of thousands of members in style! Read more >>


LIVE EVENT BOOST BRAND EXPOSURE & ENGAGEMENT: GE Healthcare Commits to Fight Breast Cancer

When GE Healthcare committed $1Billion of its R&D budget over five years to fight breast cancer, they were in this relationship for the long haul. They knew how amazing their new Brand Is My Cancer Different was, and they needed to shout it from the rooftops. How could they get into ong-term relationships with the patients and families who needed their commitment? Read more >>


BRAND COACHING GENERATES REVENUE: a Brand Love Story Created in Paris

Way past puppy love with their audience, the Confederation of Meningitis Organizations (CoMo) found themselves in several long-term relationships that were stale. It seemed everyone felt taken for granted and a relationship rescue was needed. The group looked online to create a brand dating profile that would increase their number of first date and bring in much needed fundraising dollars. They took Gigi Peterkin on the ultimate first date to Paris, France to make Brand Boost magic. Read more >> 

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