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My superpower is creating compelling stories that motivate customers to invest in your brand.

Using the science and psychology of human interactions, I create connections with your audience's hearts and minds, and then I teach you how to build and strengthen them through storytelling and marketing. Together we create success.

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Media Kits


Media Kits


“Every business needs a kick-ass media kit, no question. Gigi is the perfect person to help you see the big picture & put the perfect kit together.” —Mia Voss | Luxury travel & Lifestyle Blogger.

WHY A MEDIA KIT? Media kits are portable conversation starters when you can’t be there to sell your business. 70 percent of individuals want to learn about products through content rather than through traditional advertising.

I start with your proprietary content and create a compelling narrative that tells your B2B and B2C clients why you are the influencer they need to get the results they’re looking for. Perfect for Direct Mail Campaigns, Website Content, and Social Sharing, media kits break through the noise of online advertising.

Sound intriguing but you’re still not ready to hit the “Purchase” button? Let’s start with a conversation. Schedule an Introductory Call with me and we can get to know each other.


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