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Create Your Story: The Abundance Storytelling Workshop

Your story is at the center of everything, and I mean *everything* that you do. It’s the heartbeat of your Brand, how you connect with your clients, and reminds you to stay grounded in your true purpose. Your story is both your anchor and your wings, and should always leave the listener wanting to know more; it’s the most important calling card you have.

The Create Your Story: Abundance Storytelling Workshop is a 2-hour hands-on workshop — come prepared to work! Together we’ll walk through my 3-step process to create, refine, and ignite your story into a compelling narrative that will open doors and create connections with your target customers, your colleagues, and anyone who needs to understand why YOU are the solution to their problem. From stages to networking meetings you’ll be using your story as the first step in selling your services and solutions. Bring a notebook & pen, and a willingness to get vulnerable with up to 6 people as I show you how to be the hero of your own story and the solution to your prospect’s and audience’s greatest challenges. Workshop cost: $750.

“After a seven-minute conversation with Gigi, I better understood how to [tell the story of] and get people to view the Association’s Facebook page.”
— Millicent Gorham | Executive Director, National Black Nurse's Association