One-on-One Coaching

The first thing I tell my clients is this: don’t pay me or anyone else to give you the answers. Really. I’m serious. The answer is inside you. You already know the answer, even if you can’t find it just yet. I don’t work with answers, I work with solutions. Through Intuitive Business Coaching, I will work with you to generate the solutions to your biggest business challenges.

Designed for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and teams, my Intuitive Business Coaching focuses on generating solutions over a 3-to-6 month timeframe through intensive 60-minute coaching sessions 3x/month, with an additional 4 “emergency calls” built-in for those moments when things go a little sideways. Coaching fees start at $350/hour | $1,000/month.


“Nobody is better than Gigi at asking you the tough questions, quickly seeing the big picture, helping you create a strategy, and then teaching you how to market the heck out of your work.”
— Jane Boyd | Early Childhood Education Consultant