Products & Services

Using my Intentional Business-Coaching System, I coach entrepreneurs,
intrapreneurs, and teams to generate solutions to their biggest business challenges.

I combine intensive one-on-one coaching with pragmatic business strategies and methodologies that I’ve developed, tested, and used to generate results for most of the last decade. I work hands-on with my clients to refine their narrative and their offers, create short-term goals for long term wins, and I coach them to dig deep within themselves to generate the solutions to their biggest challenges.

Together we create breakthroughs that generate more revenue and breakthrough barriers!

*All of the products below are available a la carte for the price listed, or bundled at a discount through the Abundance Academy.


One-on-One Coaching

The first thing I tell my clients is this: don’t pay me or anyone else to give you the answers. Really. I’m serious. The answer is inside you. You already know the answer, even if you can’t find it just yet. I don’t work with answers, I work with solutions. Through Intuitive Business Coaching, I will work with you to generate the solutions to your biggest business challenges.

Designed for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and teams, my Intuitive Business Coaching focuses on generating solutions over a 3-month, 6-month, or 9-month timeframe. One-on-One Coaching includes:

  • (3) 60-minute coaching sessions each month

  • BONUS (2) 30-minute “emergency” calls for those times when things aren’t going so well

“Nobody is better than Gigi at asking you the tough questions, quickly seeing the big picture, helping you create a strategy, and then teaching you how to market the heck out of your work.”
— Jane Boyd | Early Childhood Education Consultant

BIG Workshop.png

The B.I.G. Goal Setting Intensive Workshop

The B.I.G. Goal Setting Intensive is a 2-hour intensive session that’s a workout for your brain and your spirit. B.I.G. Goals are Badass, Intentional, and Grounded Goals that move you toward the success and abundance you deserve, and crave, in your business and your life.

Focused on short-term wins for long-term gains, a B.I.G. Goal can ideally be completed in 6-8 weeks or less. During the workshop you’ll learn my proven 5-step process to create and crush B.I.G. Goals. Together we’ll uncover and leverage your Badass Superpowers to propel you on a path of creating small wins that culminate in big solutions for your business. This workshop is limited to 8 people per session. Workshop cost: $750.


Abundance Storytelling Workshop.png

Create Your Story: The Abundance Storytelling Workshop

Your story is at the center of everything, and I mean *everything* that you do. It’s the heartbeat of your Brand, how you connect with your clients, and reminds you to stay grounded in your true purpose. Your story is both your anchor and your wings, and should always leave the listener wanting to know more; it’s the most important calling card you have.

The Create Your Story: Abundance Storytelling Workshop is a 2-hour hands-on workshop — come prepared to work! Together we’ll walk through my 3-step process to create, refine, and ignite your story into a compelling narrative that will open doors and create connections with your target customers, your colleagues, and anyone who needs to understand why YOU are the solution to their problem. From stages to networking meetings you’ll be using your story as the first step in selling your services and solutions. Bring a notebook & pen, and a willingness to get vulnerable with up to 8 people as I show you how to be the hero of your own story and the solution to your prospect’s and audience’s greatest challenges. Workshop cost: $750.

“After a seven-minute conversation with Gigi, I better understood how to [tell the story of] and get people to view the Association’s Facebook page.”
— Millicent Gorham | Executive Director, National Black Nurse's Association

Questions from the universe.png


Through really listening to myself and reconnecting with my intuition, that little voice that always led me in the right direction, I began to pay attention to and hear these Questions from the Universe. I realized the more I tuned in and listened to these questions, the more I found the answers inside of me that would lead me to the solutions I needed to thrive in my life and my business.

I made this workbook because I believe the change that these questions can bring is powerful. I wanted you to have that experience too. I want to help you have the same positive breakthroughs in your life and your business that I did.

Whether you take this workbook and use it as part of a larger coaching solution with me, or if you decide to take that journey on your own, these questions will help you. Do yourself a favor and dig deep. Try not to censor or edit whatever comes to your mind as you work through this. You’ve got this!

Workbook cost: $30



An eBook of daily reminders to help you manifest abundance in your business and your life. Flip through it when you need a reminder, a pick-me-up, or a new direction to generate and manifest abundance every day.