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“Gigi very clearly and expertly helped me better understand the importance and value of social media and how to get more information out on social media platforms. After a 7-minute conversation, I better understood how to advertise and get people to view the association’s Facebook page.”

the "swipe right" brand boost

Let's have some fun without the commitment.  The Brand Boost is a series of three (3) 2-hour sessions that's all about you and your brand story. We'll dive into the heart of your brand to create a seductive brand story, segmented for up to 3 main audiences, designed to connect with your consumers' hearts and open up your marketing funnel. You'll leave this relationship with more than cute photos; you'll walk away with a refined brand story, an outline of online and in-person marketing possibilities, all defined to match with your main audience demographics (up to 3). While we we text and email along the way, this relationship is no commitment and no string attached! — $999.00

the brand-chemistry igniter

Let's spend some time together and see where things go. The Brand-Chemistry Igniter is designed for those of you wanting to take your Brand Boost to the next level and create some serious brand-chemistry with your audience. Our relationship continues beyond completing your Brand Boost to creating a marketing strategy for your new content. We'll define what Brand Igniter success looks like, measure where you start and track the data that's meaningful to you (NOTE: trending data usually appears at the 6-month mark; 3 months of data is much less predictive of an overall trend). Typically a 3- to 6-month engagement, The Igniter creates a distribution plan to get your Brand-Boost from the first date through to many new relationships — let's face it your Brand needs to play the field. — $1,899/month

brand infatuation

Status: in a long-term relationship. When you're ready to commit to your brand community, Brand Infatuation is the relationship for you! This relationship is definitely a two-way street — let's face it, it's so easy to take those who love us for granted. Brand Infatuation is designed to remind those who love you why they fell in love in the first place, and to make YOU the Brand Boyfriend everyone wants to date. 

Brand Infatuation is the ultimate consumer seduction. We make analytics sexy as we work together for 6- to-12 months to engage with the audience responding to your Brand Boost story, and use the data behind the emotion to create a roadmap for success — one that your team can cultivate and repeat as your Brand Love Life blossoms. For teams with the heart to commit, Brand Infatuation delivers the numbers and all the feels to your bottom line. — $2,499/month

coffee date

Think we could be a good match but you're not ready for a commitment? The coffee date is the perfect option for you. Pick my brain for up to 2 hours over virtual (or in-person*) coffee and get my best advice for how to  boost your brand with feeling to attract more consumers. — $99/hour



nephcure debuts on wall street!

It's not often you get the opportunity to introduce your new brand during the opening bell on Wall Street! Global non-profit NephCure Kidney International did (guys, it was surreal to be there)! Before they could say yes to a date with Wall Street, they needed to clear the clutter on their past relationship with their old brand. They hired Gigi Peterkin to deliver for them, and kept their date with Wall Street and their tens of thousands of members in style! Read more >>



When GE Healthcare committed $1Billion of its R&D budget over five years to fight breast cancer, they were in this relationship for the long haul. They knew how amazing their new Brand Is My Cancer Different was, and they needed to shout it from the rooftops. How could they get into long-term relationships with the patients and families who needed their commitment? Read more >>