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Brand Infatuation: NephCure Kidney International Debuts on Wall Street

After working with an outside design firm for three months, the NephCure team was struggling with their rebrand project's direction, and were unconvinced that the concepts conveyed the organization's mission and purpose. They needed to breakup with their agency, but were afraid of being single for too long - their clock was ticking! They asked Gigi Peterkin on a Brand Infatuation date to solve the challenges posed by their rebranding initiative.

After taking the leadership team through an introspective and demanding half-day rebranding exercise, Gigi led the external design team through the project, explaining the concept and ethos of the brand, the color palette choices, and new name choice.

In the end, a new brand and brand collateral (including a new website and social media channels) was created, approved by the Board of Directors and debuted during the televised ringing of the opening bell on the New York Stock Exchange within 3 months.  >>Back to Happy Clients/Success Stories

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