Get to know me: Media Excerpts

We all like to get to know each other better before starting a new relationship. The best way to get to know me is to drop me an email or set up a call or coffee date. If you're not ready to take that step, but still want to know more, I've dropped in a sampling of media and presentation clips from my recent years of experience below. 

Excerpt from Making Better Blogs  Social Marketing: Must it Show a Dollars Based Profit? by @DeanMBB

"When Mack [Collier] and I seemed all too “dreamy” about the virtues and values of corporate social media, Gigi said “…gang, we’re fooling ourselves if we think this is all a nice communications initiative and not a marketing one.” While that was 'water in the face' it was a spot on."

Excerpt from digilicious #DigPharm Day 1- social media & mobile workshops by Jess Seilheimer (@Jaeselle)

Gigi’s presentation was great and surrounded with tried and tested pilots for integrating social media POVs...

"There is no '1 and done' when it comes to social media initiatives. You can't just close out the initiatives. Being prepared for changing environments across social media and digital platforms is to be expected and should be accounted for in the refinement phase."

Excerpt from GenKind24 Press Release

GenKind24 is the world's FIRST online, 24-hour event dedicated to kindness & generosity. Co-founder Gigi Peterkin echoed her partners’ sentiments, “There are so many different ways to be kind to ourselves and others, and we don’t know the impact our kindness can have on another human being. If people can dedicate even an hour of time on October 21-23 toward being kind – buy a stranger a cup of coffee, smile at everyone you pass on the street, tell people you meet to have a good day – those small acts can have real meaning.”Join the livestream and more than 25 of the world's leading kindness experts for GenKind24 LIVE.

Excerpt from Clickz AstraZeneca's Social Media Strategy Reflects Regulatory Obstacles by Kate Kaye

"We determined who in the organization would drive the strategy, so for corporate, it's corporate affairs, specifically corporate communications. But we also determined who our other subject matter experts would be," explained Peterkin. "If we were going to be having disease state conversations, who on the brand teams do we need to bring to the table? To get this approved and off the ground, who did we need to have sitting at the table having this conversation?"

FINALLY...a question I never got to answer to from @svenplarsen's Pixels & Pills article, Where are the Pharma Reps on Grey's Anatomy?

"Now for the big question. How do we get Gigi Peterkin that guest starring role opposite Patrick Dempsey?"

Presentations & Interviews

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SXSW 2012

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