Jump for joy photo of the day - Mark Hildreth! July 2, 2013

I just discovered this through my Social Media Lifestyles tribe on Triberr.com. If you don't know about (or use) Triberr, check them out - a must for bloggers and anyone who wants an endless stream of intensely fabulous content. Now, back to the Jump for Joy Project. I saw this post on Triberr and had to comment, follow, sigh up for the newsletter *and* reblog it. Why? This quote from the website did it:

"My hope is that by focusing on positive actions and the compilation of joy expressed by a variety of inspired people from around the world, I will create a unified community of joy, express the importance of joy and fun in the lives of all people. Capturing the expression of joy through the simple act of jumping, we can be reminded that humanity can come together as one."

The artist Eyoalha Baker wants to create a unified community of joy. Can you dig that? Who wouldn't support such an awesome goal? I, for one, am all in.

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