The First Byte

Originally posted at on March 25, 2011 Welcome to my latest brain child, a hybrid aggregator, opinion-generator and an attempt to use my blogging powers for good. To those of you who have followed my now super-secret-underground blog in the past (I'm resurrecting that one for use by my snarky twin) this blog feeds my need, and hopefully all of yours, to discuss, reflect on and ponder all things digital - especially as it relates to healthcare. Well, those things digital that IMHO are interesting and indicative of where the cyber world is going – and who is leading the way. So much has been said on these topics, and on the heels of SXSW 2011, the iPad2 bursting onto the scene, Google on the rise and QR codes poised to take over mobile tagging (again), the webospehere is crowded with the opinions of the citizen journalists, digital experts and latest-and-greatest-flavors-of-the-month writers. So what makes theseopinions different? Well, mainly...they're mine; and they're born of a hybrid of ex-pharma insider-PR practitioner-hard working, evangelistic, digital maven geek. And while this blog will have a POV – otherwise, really, what's the point? – it's also an aggregator and breeding ground for divergent views. And as fluid as the space it chronologs and embodies, it's mutable.

"This is our world now. The world of the electron and the switch." – Hackers

QR Code for Good