GE Healthcare Commits $1B to Fight Breast Cancer

GE Healthcare came to Gigi Peterkin with the website and brand for Is My Cancer Different? already developed. They knew their brand story, but they didn't know how to create a Brand Boost that would get them the Brand ROI they were looking for. There was also a hitch: their launch date was 4 weeks away and their launch event wasn’t even planned. They needed a great venue and the right people to serve as ambassadors for their Brand. Gigi conceived of a live launch during the Social Health/ePatient Connections Summit in Philadelphia, PA. It had everything: great location and the Social Media Influencers they needed to generate traffic to their new site.

With sold-out in-person attendance and a heavily trafficked Twitter hashtag, the Summit provided the Brand Boost the project needed. During their website launch event, which included a live presentation and media, the Brand earned 300% more web registrants than projected and more than 1M Twitter conversations over a two-hour period. Brand ROI success accomplished. >>Back to Testimonials and Case Studies