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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Who am I? Not the “who the hell do you think you are?” kind of who am I, but truly who am I? What qualifies me to create a Masterclass on achieving goals (The B.I.G. Masterclass)? What makes me a badass at helping people discover and tell their stories?

Simply put, I’m the person who gets hired to get shit done. A dear friend and colleague — she’s a well known business writer & speaker — gave me an unparalleled compliment when she said, “You’re like me – you’re the one they bring in to get the impossible done, and you do it, and then they don’t know what to do with you anymore.”

Throughout my career, I built a comprehensive organizational program for more than 3,000 employees in three countries inside of a very tight (about 12-week) immovable deadline. I launched one of the first corporate social media programs inside of a heavily regulated industry, and I delivered it on time (in less than six months) and with complete buy-in from legal, compliance, and regulatory department executives and staff.

I led a complete rebranding effort for an international non-profit (including an organization name change). My efforts saved the organization A LOT of money (more than $75,000) and guided leadership and stakeholders to embrace and promote their new identity, which is crucial for a non-profit raising funds based on WHO they are and WHAT they do. Fun fact: we launched our new brand on the floor of the NYSE. That was fun and kind of insane!

I built and staffed a leading edge department inside of a global organization with no money for “additional resources,” but instead polled staff with an interest & the skills to do the work, and worked with their managers for a percentage of their time. My department was able to exceed our goals and employees throughout the company were able to build their skill sets in a competitive field. These examples scratch the surface of what I’ve been able to accomplish in my career.

The rush that comes from solving those impossible challenges drives my career – the inability to find a place to fit in for the long term led me to starting my own business. I combine my experience and skills with my innate intuition to guide my clients. I prize my intuitive mind, and my ability to combine my intuition with research and rational data when counseling clients and making my own business decisions.

NKI brand launch during the NYSE Opening Bell

NKI brand launch during the NYSE Opening Bell

I’m not alone in prizing intuition as a benefit to business. A cursory Internet search returns pages of quotes and interviews with Steve Jobs, Anne Lamott, and more than one misquote attributed to Albert Einstein — while Einstein prized and discussed intuition, he did not call it a “sacred gift” — all discussing the benefit of intuition (aka “gut checks”) in business.

Go a little deeper in an Internet search and you can find scads of articles, many from Forbes, about the advantages of using intuition in business. Then there are the heaps of surveys, more than 40% of CEOs say they still make decisions based on intuition despite access to piles of data. Intuition matters. Why do we continue to use something we can’t rationally explain, we just feel it, when we’ve got so much access to hard data, especially in today’s algorithm-driven world? Our intuition is a product of our evolution; it’s a built-in early warning system that signals danger, or certainty, in a given situation, and it kicks in before our rational minds get the data to support or explain why we feel this way. In short, intuition is badass, and it’s a rock star in my tool belt.

So who am I? I’m a badass at helping people tell their stories and achieve their goals. I’m the one people hire to make the impossible possible. I’m a storyteller, a coach, and a mentor. I work with my clients to help them uncover and share their stories to create positive outcomes.

Do you have big goals and don’t know how to get there? I can teach you how to break them down into achievable steps that allow you to live your dreams. I’m Gigi Peterkin. If you’re a fellow Badass entrepreneur or intrapreneur struggling to tell your story & achieve your goals, I’d love to work with you.

You're Not a Kardashian, so Don't Instagram Like One

You're Not a Kardashian, so Don't Instagram Like One