Me, coffee and my amazing handmade Misfit mug. What’s your morning routine?

Me, coffee and my amazing handmade Misfit mug. What’s your morning routine?


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It’s Easy to Hide Inside of Humble Pie & Other Myths

It’s Easy to Hide Inside of Humble Pie & Other Myths

This idea came to me during my meditation today — we hide our truths behind the fears and falsehoods of ‘to succeed in business we must’ myths and ‘should-have’ urban legends. I call BS. We’re here to do the work and share our Badass Superpowers with the world, mythology be damned. Think of this post as the first in the Mythbuster Series of the Blog.

Myth #1: Having humility means hiding your talents. <LOUD BUZZER NOISE> Wrong answer. Humility does not mean hiding your talents; but inferiority might. If humility lives inside the light, then inferiority is the dark yin to humility’s yang. Step into the light. Claim your greatness. There’s enough to go around. Too many people aren’t claiming their Superpowers or offering their gifts to the world because inferiority tells them there’s “already someone else doing it” or they “don’t have a business plan” or some other story that they’ve been told or told themselves to hold themselves inferior. Often we allow ourselves to cloak inferiority as humility, by saying “It would be arrogant to try to do xx when so-and-so is already doing it so well.”

My spiritual response to this: I believe there’s a lot to be said for stepping humbly into the light. Pragmatically, I’ve embraced the motto:

“Don’t believe your own bullshit.”

Same results, different approach. Look, the fall from top of bullshit mountain is high and fraught with jagged edges on the way down. Inferiority is the king of shoveling BS, deflating the ego and forcing us to puff up again to climb out of the dark, all the while skirting the humility that allows us to blossom with grace. This isn’t a call to inflate the ego, rather one to calm the fears. I’ve watched too many people, my younger self included, swath their gifts in inferiority, while claiming humility and hiding away like a Klingon ship cloaked from the Enterprise (Star Trek reference - I went there, and I bet y’all know what I mean too).

The takeaway: Stop. Recognize the difference between humility and inferiority. Step into the light and humbly offer your services.

Myth #2: It’s easier to leave our Superpowers on the shelf and to do what we think we’re supposed to do to make money/keep the peace/follow in so-and-so’s footsteps. It’s one thing to think we’re not good enough, as we talked about in Myth #1. It’s another to think that resisting our true selves is easier than embracing and living authentically.

Sometimes the path to our authentic selves, and the Superpowers we’re meant to share with the world to manifest abundance all around us — I’m talking success people in business and life — aren’t easily mapped on a roadmap, a college matriculation course catalogue, or corporate org chart. Whoa, scary right? And scary must be hard, so the opposite must be easy, and if I just ignore my intuition and follow that org chart… I don’t think it’s easier to ignore our intuition and our Superpowers, but like in the example above I believe we’ve been conditioned to think it is, and to stay hidden in the dark.

The takeaway: Nothing can grow in the dark, well maybe except for mushrooms but last I checked you’re not a mushroom and neither am I. We need light to flourish, and light can’t find us when we’re tucked away and hiding, or refusing to use the gifts with which we’ve been endowed. It’s in the dark that the fears are allowed to grow beyond their normal size. If you want a super-size order of fear, take the light away and step back — fear spreads like dandelions in the dark. Ignoring our Superpowers invites in the fear, and I don’t know about you but dealing with super-sized-grown-in-the-dark fears does not sound easy to me. I’d rather chart that unchartered path if I have to, or follow a well-worn one of those who’ve come before me knowing I’m walking in my own strength and delivering gifts in a unique and valuable way. Which brings us to…

Myth #3: You’re not famous, qualified, specialized enough…aka “Who do you think you are?”

If we’re honest we’ve probably all heard this at least once in our career, from a boss, a colleague, or even from somewhere inside our own heads: “Who do you think you are?” Man, that can inflict some pain if we let it. Instead, if we think about it, it’s really a silly question. You know who you are. You’re you and you’re the best you there is. This isn’t meant to sound like a kindergarten rally speech; it’s the honest truth. Try not to judge it or poo-poo it as pollyanna rah-rah-woo-woo. Read it. Dissect it. Sit in it for a minute.

You’re the best you there is. That means that even if you want to offer the same type of spiritual coaching as Gabby Bernstein, because your Badass Superpower Gifts make you an amazing spiritual coach, and you stop yourself because “Gabby Bernstein is already doing that, and she’s famous, I mean OPRAH loves her, and who am I to even try?” Okay hang on. No really, stop. I’ll tell you who you are, one more time for those in the back: you are you.

Simply put: no one will offer coaching in the same way you will. Not me, not Gabby Bernstein, not anyone. Take it another step: no one will deliver the same value in the same way you will. That’s huge. No one will deliver the same value in the same way that you will.

Instead of thinking “Who am I” to try and offer this gift to the world, I want you to think “Who am I not to?” Who are you to deprive the world of the Badass Superpowers you’ve been given? It’s like that sad Superman song where Five for Fighting sings about how hard it is to be Superman, and boo-hoo flying is hard. Yeah it’s hard sometimes. AND? Does that mean you shouldn’t do it? Can I get a “HELL NO” it doesn’t.

Imagine being the 5th person on the planet, on the entire planet, to be given the Superpower of flight. Boom, you can fly. Are you not gonna do it because 4 other people can already fly? No, you’re damn well gonna fly, because it’s your superpower. So if you have a coaching Superpower, then you’re going to coach.

The takeaway: Training has its place. Discipline is important. Look, there are some things that we are innately drawn to, and successful at, despite a lack of formal training. These are our gems, our gifts, our Badass Superpowers. Nourish these — and when someone asks “Who are you? Why are you qualified to…?” point them to your body of work. If this is truly a Superpower, you will have a body of work to point to, you will have results, because it’s something you’ve been doing your entire career… you just haven’t named it yet. The proof is in the pudding, and the pudding isn’t always in books. Can you refine your technique, increase your knowledge? Always. Look to the people doing what you want to do on a bigger scale — those are your teachers. Do not shy away from their light but bask in it. There’s enough for everyone. Grow in their light don’t hide in their shadow.

Big Picture Giant Cliff’s Notes Summary: Fly with humility. Don’t believe your own bullshit. Be the best version of you and be humble while doing it. You don’t have to set the world on fire with stinkless farts — but don’t hide either. The truth is, the only person asking “Who are you to…?” is you, and you’re not even really asking — your fear is. Shine the light in, let your fear shrink back - even our fears need to stay humble. Value your Superpowers as much as training. And…

Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. — Steve Jobs

That’s a lot. Would love to know where you all with all of this. Drop a comment below or shoot me an email.


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