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My superpower is creating compelling stories that motivate customers to invest in your brand.

Using the science and psychology of human interactions, I create connections with your audience's hearts and minds, and then I teach you how to build and strengthen them through storytelling and marketing. Together we create success.

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Online Communities

Online communities. What are they really about? If your brand is sponsoring an online community, is profit the only - or most valuable - measure of success? On 23 May in the #bizforum chat this question led to robust discussion: "A brand community should be judged by conversions, not conversations. Agree/disagree?"

I disagreed then. Still do now. A community, branded or otherwise, cannot be judged by conversions over conversations. Provide good content, value to your community, good listening and interaction and you will build brand ambassadors - and evangelists - this will lead to conversions. But to go in looking for conversions alone, to measure on profit as your only indicator - is isolationist, and your empire will crumble. At least your online community will.


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