Me, coffee and my amazing handmade Misfit mug. What’s your morning routine?

Me, coffee and my amazing handmade Misfit mug. What’s your morning routine?


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My #3Words for 2018

My #3Words for 2018

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Hello and Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by to check out my #3Words for the new year. I want 2018 to be a big year of growth and change for me, and the words I’ve chosen to inspire and drive me for 2018 are: 

  • Explore

  • Dare

  • Prosper



The word explore came to me and grew out of my desire to travel. I am a globe trotter and have been relatively home-based for the past 5 years traveling very intermittently. I notice that when I travel less I explore less of the world around me. My curiosity is ignited by movement. At first I thought my word was travel, but after self-reflection I realized it was bigger; in 2018 I am prioritizing exploring the world around me, whether that is the park down the street, the hiking trail where I take my dogs, or national and international destinations. I was also drawn to explore vs. travel as self-exploration is a priority this year; regularly touching base with myself to check that my inner thinking, feeling, and actions mirror the outward self I project. There’s a lot to EXPLORE in 2018!



This word surprised me. When I first thought what I wanted 2018 to look like, I kept coming back to being fearless. As I sat with this for a while, I recognized that I didn’t want to be fearless; while fear is not an emotion I want to feed, it is also a powerful emotion that can drive positive results when used to our benefit. I didn’t want to eliminate fear, I wanted to face it, recognize it, move through it, use it to strengthen and not weaken me. I realized that to do this would take an amount of daring. I would need to dare myself to summon bravery, I would need to dare to step outside of my comfort zone. I realized DARE was my second word for 2018.



For so many of us in consulting, we value being of service to others; we are problem solvers and have an innate desire to channel that ability to serve our clients. I have and still focus on service. In 2018, my big pivot is to reconcile the desire to be of service with a strong desire to thrive and prosper. In my early entrepreneurial years, I saw these two desires as diametrically opposed, and I pursued service, reducing rates and taking on a large proportion of pro bono work to help those who needed it and couldn’t afford it. My financial goal was to survive, and for years that’s all my business did. In 2018 I want to prosper in my business and in all facets of my life – that means financially, spiritually, in health, building relationships, knowledge. I will still do pro bono work, it feeds my spirit. I will work with budget challenges. I will also PROSPER in 2018 by recognizing and demonstrating my worth. How can you prosper this year?

What are your #3Words for 2018? I’d love to hear from you in the comments, on Twitter, or on Instagram. However you approach the New Year, get clarity on what you want and how you’ll get it …then GO FOR IT!


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