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be irresistible.

If you've ever visited Liz Strauss's website, you'll recognize the title of this post as the tagline to her site. They appear across the top, two words, written in lower case letters, punctuated with a period at the end to connote a foregone conclusion, and that - really - nothing more needs to be said. I've talked a lot about the elegance inherent in simplicity lately, and this two-word call-to-action embodies that notion, as does the woman who's placed them as the tagline to her website. It's been a very insular 8-10 weeks for me, ironically at a time that I should be anything but insular and introverted - this is a time for me to build my business, connect with others, convert contacts into clients, make magic, and fuel my entrepreneurial bonfire. It's true - as timing goes my now insistent internalization is not well scheduled. So, I've decided to schedule externalization in ways I've not had to before - to visit the blogs of others, steep myself in knowledge, ideas, and facts that are outside of myself, and reach out to those with whom I need to connect in order to turn notions into business practice - and you know continue to support my kids. That said, it should be of little surprise that one of the first stops I made on my journey was Liz's website, and there I read her latest post What's Your Most Irresistible True Story?replete with this truly irresistible photo.


In this post Liz tells us her most irresistible true story. One of the things I found remarkable about this story is that it's not about her. Instead, Liz has chosen to convey a story that is irresistible to her, and undoubtedly to many of us who have read and/or heard her tell it, as a means of connecting us to a larger notion of becoming a part of something irresistible. That got me to thinking - this call-to-action to be irresistible isn't about telling others how irresistible you are, or even about showing them. It's about conveying something to others - a moment in time, a narrative, a story - that lets your audience know that you understand irresistibility, you can recognize it, reframe it, and relate it via your own lens and perspective...and that you can, in turn, potentially recognize the irresistibility within them. When we can relate to the stories of others, we can become a part of that story - and in turn we can become part of something outside of ourselves - a business, a family, a movement, or even irresistible.

So, heed Liz's call. Go and be irresistible. Tell your most irresistible story. Become a part of someone else's irresistibility. Relate, externalize and connect - we're all better off for making connections than not making them. And, Liz, if I've totally screwed up your notion...well I trust you'll tell me - in a way that I may or may not like, but will find irresistible. It's just who you are.

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