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The Power of a Single Tweet

In one night, in one hour of one night, a tweet changed my life for the better. It was Sunday, April 1, 2012 when, after having wrestled, tied down, lovingly settled the kids in bed, I turned up late for #blogchat...and I lurked. Not one to lurk quietly for long (I'm a bad lurker) I tweeted thisImage and happily got this responseImage

Now, little did I know that Josepf Haslam (@josepf) was an über connector extraordinaire, intelligent beyond measure, and funny as hell - I would learn all that in short order during the next hour(ish) of great conversation and banter. At this moment, he was someone who took the time to reach out and draw me in from the sidelines; he saw me looking for that 'jumping in point' of entry we all need when joining a conversation in progress, and generously offered one up to me.

That gesture of a single tweet was empowering, and led to a great conversation with a dynamic community of people. It would have been enough if our exchange had ended there, but it didn't. An hour of conversation morphed into an introduction to the incomparable Mila Araujo (@milaspage), and an invitation to speak at the amazing #140MTL on May 15, the 140 conference Mila and Josepf were organizing in Montreal. They'd put together a phenomenal lineup of speakers, and I was thrilled to be asked to join them - you can bet I said yes!

Josepf didn't stop there. In true über connector form, he later introduced me to Ric Dragon (@RicDragon), Ted Curtin (@TedCurtin), Sam Fiorella (@SamFiorella), Deb Weinstein (@DebWeinstein), Stan Phelps (@9INCHmarketing)...are you seeing a pattern here? Living inside the insular, vibrant but insular, digital health bubble for so long, I'd missed out on meeting these amazingly smart and talented superstars. Until now. All from one tweet.

Eventually, that one tweet led to this...


and this.

That's the power of a single tweet. In just over a month, I'd connected with an outstanding group of people - new friends, mentors and contacts - and was given an opportunity to share my expertise speaking at an amazing event. And #140MTL was uplifting and inspiring. Don't take my word for it. Check out the videos of the presentations here.

Before I go, for those of you new to it, #blogchat is a weekly tweet chat hosted by @MackCollier. It takes place every Sunday night at 8pm CT and tackles a range of topics. Come by and check it out. Just don't lurk - at least not for too long. After all, look what can happen if you jump in!

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