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Using the science and psychology of human interactions, I create connections with your audience's hearts and minds, and then I teach you how to build and strengthen them through storytelling and marketing. Together we create success.

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#140Conf MTL State of NOW

We're just over a week away from the first international #140Conf in beautiful Montreal. Hmmmm, that sounds too travel agent-y. Let me try again. Are you coming to the #140Conf in Montreal on May 15? You need to attend! Nope. Not working either. Don't be an asshat, join us in Montreal for the 140Conf State of Now. It says something about me that the last line is my favorite. Look, y'all there's an amazing conference happening in Montreal on May 15, and it's called the #140Conf: Exploring the State of Now. Don't take my word for it, check out this list of amazing speakers. I mean, really. In one day you'll hear words of wisdom and practical advice on how to successfully use social media for your business from Sam Fiorella (@SamFiorella), Mila Araujo (@Milaspage), Josepf Haslam (@Josepf ), JC Little (@LittleAnimation), Ric Dragon (@RicDragon), and many others. More than 30 presenters in all, there to give you proven, successful social media strategies.

Conference organizer Mila Araujo of Ogilvy & Ogilvy has put together a stellar lineup of presenters, covering topics ranging from branding and marketing, to customer service, social business strategy, education, leadership, gameification/location marketing, and more. Register now and join us on May 15 for an eye-opening event unlike any other.

Yes, I'll be there too. I'm honored to be presenting alongside such business rock stars, and will be talking about "Online Communities: Rule #1 Don't be an Asshat." Where else can you see a presentation that delivers value to your business with the word asshat in the title?

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