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QR Code for Good

Originally posted at on March 27, 2011

Amidst the sensory overload that was SXSW 2011, one thing (aside from the iPad2) cut through the noise, advertising and clutter – the QR code. The scanable, byte-sized imagery of mobile tagging was everywhere. Everywhere. I think I even saw one on the side of a taco truck. You get the idea. I expect to see more of these burst on the scene – they're here for good. So I've decided to join the ubiquity and created a QR code of my own, for good. It's not a text message about the latest digi-fad or my contact information. It's a URL to one of my favorite organizations in the US, which reported 27,361 donors this week and is currently supporting 1,557 projects across the country. Which organization is it? Let's see how many of you snap the code to find out.

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