What I Do and WHY I Love Doing it


When I was little, Mister Rogers (remember Mister Rogers?) would come on TV everyday in the afternoon. Sometimes he would tell us, "Look for the helpers," and I would smile because I knew even at a young age that I would always be one of the helpers.

Being an innate helper is part of why this work comes to me so intuitively, and it's a huge part of why I love what I do. If there is even one person, let alone hundreds or thousands, who would benefit from (and fall in love with) your Brand, and they don't know about you ... I want to help you change that. Brand engagement, advocacy, consumer conversion —it all starts with creating a connection, and that's where I come in. I've spent two decades developing Brand Matchmaking and want to share the secrets I've discovered to Boost Your Brand!

Brand Matchmaking

I love my work, because my work is all about YOU. Your Brand is important. Your product, your services, the people who make it all happen...these all matter. Connecting your Brand to the people who will fall in love with what you do — and WHY you do it — that's Brand Matchmaking. Your Brand Story needs to seduce the hearts and minds of your audience — the Brand seduction starts here. From Boosting your Brand Story to igniting your Brand Chemistry with your audience for many, MANY, long-term relationships, Brand Matchmaking opens your marketing funnel and turns it into a Brand Tunnel of Love. Bonus: this ride ends in consumer conversions!

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Podcast Host

The Successful Failure


Think it's impossible to love failure? Think again. Without failure, success remains an illusion. Cutting through the noise of the success bullhorn that blasts out online, The Successful Failure invites a new guest each episode to talk about the failures that led them to the successes they've become known for. Join me as I talk to C.C. Chapman, NYTimes Bestselling Co-Author of Content Rules & Public Speaker, William Gallagher, writer of Doctor Who audio plays and the books The Blank Screen and The Beiderbecke Affair, Apple App-Store co-creator Chris Bledsoe, the man who bicycled around the world Breifne Earley, and many more inspirational guests!

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Keeping Curious

As the host of the GeniusShared podcast Keeping Curious, I talked with GeniusShared co-founders Jane Boyd or Liz Strauss each week to discuss business, life & all things GeniusShared. From taking deep dives into Liz's book Anything You Put Your Mind To, to examining Jane's philosophies on kindness as a business value, each week Keeping Curious brought you insights from two of the brightest business minds.

Public Speaker & Trainer

From the crowds at SXSW, to the #140Conf, the National Black Nurses Association National meeting and more intimate venues such as BDI in NYC and the International CoMo meeting in Paris, I love sharing my experience and insights with an audience.  Enhance your Ultimate Brand Hookup with a Brand Matchmaking or Community Building session today! 


#140MTL Five Easy Rules for Online Communities

A Pixels & Pills Interview


“Gigi is PHENOMENAL! She was too fabulous speaking at the National Black Nurses Association Annual Conference. She introduced participants on how to use Social Media for our strategic pillars, particularly advocacy. After a seven-minute conversation with Gigi, I better understood how to advertise and get people to view the Association’s Facebook page.”
“The Health Apps Panel [moderated by Gigi Peterkin] at SXSW 2011 was awesome. Key takeaway: show results and doors will open.”
“Gigi’s wonderful talk at the #140 conference in Montreal walked us through the foundation of your brand and your community. The beauty of social media is to bring everyone together, be they near or far. Gigi’s presentation on building communities did just that.”
“Gigi’s presentation was great and surrounded with tried and tested pilots for integrating social media POVs.”