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Looking to take your social good business to the next level? Need to know how to increase exposure, revenue, or both?

You’e come to the right place! Together we create solutions, and then make them better so you can grow your business.

Is your business committed to making the world a better place? Do your consumers and community benefit from your expertise? Then YOU have something the media wants: Earned Influence.

 Gigi Peterkin can focus your Earned Influence to get the publicity your  business deserves.

pr with wings

If your story has legs, together we'll get you publicity that has wings. Before we go further, let me tell you about the types of businesses I work with, and what my working style is like.

You: your business is focused on social good, building or bettering the community you serve, giving back, or social justice. You're already advertising or have an advertising plan in place, and you want PR to amplify your advertising efforts. You're ready to be seen as an expert in your field, expand your offerings, or let more people know about the awesome you produce every day.

Me: my approach is rooted in 20+ years of success. I take a big picture view that's thoughtful and strategic. Most folks would not call me a "let's wait and see" kinda gal. I work with companies I believe in – my passion becomes your secret sauce for success.

Us: When we work together, things move fast, so get ready to get your proverbial ducks in a row, set your strategy, and hit the ground running. If your business fits the bill and you like working with an experienced, fast-paced PR strategist then we should talk. 

Gigi peterkin, aka "the fixer"


I'm Gigi Peterkin and I created the Earned Influence Program™ to benefit businesses like yours. The best part? Everyone who's good at what they do has Earned Influence. Everyone. The better part? Earned Influence is the secret sauce that attracts media and sells stories. Together we use your Earned Influence to get media coverage and build relationships with the reporters, bloggers, podcasters who want to talk and write about you.  >>>Learn more about the Earned Influence Program™.



"Gigi is a professional with a vast understanding of media, public outreach and PR. From crafting a digital strategy or a delicate sentence, Gigi has the talent to know what works, how subtle differences can make a big difference and the experience to just know better! And she’s fun too! There’s simply no one better in my book!"

– JOHN NOSTA,, Google Health


"I hired Gigi to look after my publicity with my first self-published book The LAST Snowman. She brought creative solutions, expertise and warmth to my media and blogger outreach. Her sensitivity to my online "voice" and by extension, my "brand", was integral to the success of the campaign. I'll continue to use her services. Highly recommended for anyone needing a rocking publicist."

– JC LITTLE, Author, Animator


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