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My superpower is creating compelling stories that motivate customers to invest in your brand.

Using the science and psychology of human interactions, I create connections with your audience's hearts and minds, and then I teach you how to build and strengthen them through storytelling and marketing. Together we create success.

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Our relationship begins at the intersection of what I do and what you need, so let’s start there. My superpower is working with you to find the power in your story, and then creating compelling content that moves people to invest their time, attention, or money in you and your brand.

I use the science and psychology of human interactions to create connections with your audience's heart and minds, and then I teach you how to build and strengthen them through storytelling and marketing.

The “What I Do” Part

I’m Communications Expert and Podcast/Livestream Host with more than 25 years experience, with expertise in healthcare, non-profit, and Small Business B2C communications.  

A communicator by trade, I’ve occupied integral communications, marketing and PR roles inside of Pharmaceutical Organizations, Publishing, Non-Profits, and PR before starting my own business at Gigi Peterkin Dot Com. I also host The Successful Failure Podcast and Gigi Peterkin LIVE. 

I love to be on stage and have honed my storytelling presentation on stages large and small, from SXSW, to 1,000+ people conference sessions, to a small room of 20 people, including 5 translators. You learn to be specific and compelling when there are translators.

The “Who I Work With” Part

Do you have a solid offer but aren’t sure how to market it? Are you struggling to tell your brand story? My ideal client knows their business and their audience, values direct communication, and is not afraid to do the work. If you’re an accomplished entrepreneur, seasoned healthcare influencer (e.g., a women’s health specialist or patient), or an executive intrapreneur then I’d love to work with you.

The “Who I Am” Part

I live in a suburb 7 miles west of Philadelphia, PA with my two-legged and four-legged family. I love them and they make me crazy — these two things are not exclusive. I am a writer…that is more than what I do, that is who I am. I advocate for marginalized people, read less than I’d like to, and watch too many movies. I’m a big fan of wine and coffee, and you can grab my attention talking about either or both.


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