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If you’re an entrepreneur + a woman, woman of color, and/or LGBTQ, then you’ve come to the right place.

Why? Because I get it. I get that as entrepreneurs, WHY you do what you do gets to the heart of this business lifestyle you’ve chosen.

Whether you call it The Hustle, The Grind, or something else, the life of an entrepreneur often consists of long hours, lonely days, and insecurity that can add up to some pretty dark times.

That’s often when you remember WHY you started your business, and most of the time that WHY can pull you through the tough times.

As women entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs of color, LGBTQ entrepreneurs, you face challenges that are tougher, darker, and twistier, even in the best of times.

FACT: 62% of women entrepreneurs depend on their business as their primary source of income.

Maybe you know you’re more likely to use credit cards than your CIS male counterparts, who seek investors, to keep your business afloat.

Maybe you worry more about your families as you sacrifice to manifest your dreams.

Maybe you’ve not disclosed your sexuality to your investors, and you live in constant fear you’ll be revealed and lose your funding.

Maybe the worry has worn you out and is a constant roadblock you need to move, depleting your energy and causing you to question “why you’re doing this” instead of telling the world WHY you’re doing this, and how amazing your solutions are.

Whatever your challenges, your voices and your stories deserve to be heard. If you’re not telling your story, or your story isn’t connecting with the right clients, I’m here to help you do something about that.

Your Story Drives Your Business Growth

From the earliest days of humankind, we’ve used stories to communicate with each other. From the time we’re children stories help us understand the world around us. Your Entrepreneurial Story is how your clients first understand your business.

Your clients will either want to see themselves in your story, or to see you as the hero, aka the expert or even someone they’d like to become. Whatever the trigger, for your business to truly flourish, your prospective clients need to connect with the Emotional Why of your story.

FACT: While the number of minority-owned firms grew by 35% in the last year, the average gross receipts for those firms dropped by 16%.

The Science of Storytelling

“Storytelling in business” has been thrown around as THE thing in brand marketing for about a decade now. Sometimes it sounds like hype, sometimes like hippie mumbo-jumbo. It’s neither — it’s science, and (IMO) it’s really kind of cool.

Check this part out if you want to know the science behind storytelling — this is a big part of why it’s so important for you to tell your story.

Stories stimulate the brain. What’s more, different types of stories hit different parts of our brains, causing different reactions.

Stories Create Connections

If the Emotional Why of your story is centered around you — an experience, a desire to make change in the world — then you have what’s called a character-driven story.

When our brains are exposed to character-driven stories, we release oxytocin and that produces empathy.

When people empathize with your story, they want to connect with you, they want to trust you. Empathy is the foundation of building relationships, which (again IMO) are the cornerstones of our businesses.

Your Story Gives You a Competitive Edge

People are 22x more likely to recall facts shared through stories.

So when you tell the Emotional Why of your story, prospective clients are 22x more likely to remember you over your competition, who isn’t telling their emotional story, or telling the WHY of their story, at all.

Telling your story in a way that connects with your client is like getting a 22x “power boost” over your competition. That’s a fantastic competitive advantage!

FACT: A 2016 study by StartOut reported that 37% of LGBT startup founders in the United States did not come out to their investors.

“I want to tell my story, but I can’t because…”

The barriers to storytelling for you as women, women of color, LGBTQ entrepreneurs are unique. Do these sound familiar?

  • “I have a hard time owning my accomplishments. I’ve achieved a lot and my achievements are at the heart of WHY I created my business. If I tell that story it’s like I’m bragging.”

  • “I have a hard enough time getting people to take me seriously, especially funders. If I put too much emotion into my story then no one will take me seriously at all!”

  • “If I share the heart of my story, it means I’ll have to reveal my sexual orientation and I’m not ready to do that in my business life. It’s no one’s business and I don’t need the harassment.”

If any of these sound like you, I’m not here tell you these aren’t legitimate reasons to withhold the emotional part of your story. I’m not here to change your mind or convince you to tap into the emotions of your story in order to skyrocket your business.

But … isn’t there always a but … if you do feel you’re ready to “go there” and tap into the emotions of your story, then I’m here to show you how.

I can give you the tools you need to become an expert storyteller. I can help you draw that story from deep inside of you, craft it, and tell it to maximize its power.

The $125 Coaching Offer

  • 50 minute one-on-one coaching session — during this session, we’ll get to the heart of your Emotional Why, the 3 acts your story needs to create a connection, and how to create a compelling story you can tell in 120 seconds or less

  • FREE download: The Expert Storyteller Reference Guide — the #1 tool I give my clients, this guide is your “cheat sheet” for creating the building blocks of your story, complete with examples. It’s a must for your Entrepreneurial Toolbox.

  • FREE download: Questions from the Universe Workbook — this workbook sits at the heart of my Create Your Story Workshop and is used by all my clients. I believe the answers are inside of all of us, we need to get better at hearing the questions. The questions in this workbook will lead you to the heart of your story, as well as what else might be holding you back in your business.

  • JULY BONUS: Book anytime in July and you’ll also get Access to the replay of my "Tell Your Story & Increase Your Revenue" Webinar full of more concrete tips and takeaways for how to tell your story and get it in front of the right clients.

This Offer is for You

If you’ve created your products & services and built solid offers, done your marketing homework, and are still struggling to connect with the right clients, you don’t have to give up, start over, spend more time and money on marketing.

You need to rethink and reposition how you tell your story. It’s simple but not easy.

As entrepreneurs, especially entrepreneurs who are women, women of color and/or LGBTQ, it’s time for some “simple” in your business and your life. I invite you to join me in learning how to create empathy and stand out with an advantage over your competition!

Some Love from Some Folks

During our coaching session, Gigi asked some me some pertinent & powerful questions leading me to reveal what it is that I want to do with my life. Since my coaching session with Gigi I've been contemplating those questions, which are leading me to investigate, question, and redefine my purpose and desires. I am a teacher by trade and until this point have had a narrow definition of what ‘teacher’ is but, because of my coaching sessions with Gigi, that is expanding! I am grateful for what Gigi's guidance provided and I'm extremely excited about the revelations as I consciously and purposely create in my life!

— Kathleen Stauffer, M.Ed.

Gigi is PHENOMENAL! She was too fabulous speaking at the National Black Nurses Association Annual Conference. She introduced participants on how to use Social Media for our strategic pillars, particularly advocacy. After a seven-minute conversation with Gigi, I better understood how to [share our story] and get people to view the Association’s Facebook page.

– Millicent Gorham, Former Executive Director, National Black Nurses Association


“Nobody is better than Gigi at asking you the tough questions, quickly seeing the big picture, helping you create a strategy, and then teaching you how to market the heck out of your work.”

— Jane Boyd, Early Childhood Education Consultant

“Gigi is a professional with a vast understanding of media, public outreach and PR. From crafting a digital strategy or a delicate sentence, Gigi has the talent to know what works, how subtle differences can make a big difference and the experience to just know better! And she’s fun too! There’s simply no one better in my book!”

— John Nosta, Founder NOSTALab

How it All Works

You’re in the driver’s seat. Choose your appointment time, make your secure payment right on the booking page, and you’ll be emailed the link to our upcoming Zoom video session.

Oh, and the Questions from the Universe Workbook I mentioned above? You’ll get the download link emailed to you too. Try to make time to print it out and answer the questions as best you can before we meet. Those answers are a great prep tool for our time together.

For our session, I’ll bring the whiteboard and markers. You bring a notebook and pen. That’s all we’ll need to get you started on the road to crafting and sharing the Emotional Why of your Entrepreneurial Story!

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Still Have Some Questions?

I totally get that. Here are the answers to the most common questions people have about the offer, the details, and what to expect.

  1. Why do you ask for a phone number when I schedule my session?
    Life happens. I do this for last minute emergencies — those things that we just can’t avoid. I’ll give you a number where you can reach me too, should something happen that we have to work around.

  2. Do I need to pay up front?
    Payment is collected in full when the session is scheduled. You can pay directly on the scheduling form, and a confirmation email will come directly to your Inbox.

  3. Do you issue refunds?
    All bookings are non-refundable.

  4. What if I have to cancel?
    Since bookings are non-refundable, I prefer to reschedule with you if something happens and you can’t make it to the session you originally schedule. You can reschedule yourself directly inside of the scheduling app, and that option is available to you up to 24-hours before our scheduled appointment time. You can reschedule your session twice before it is cancelled completely.

  5. How do I get my FREE downloads, and/or Bonus links?
    Links to these items are part of the “Thank You” emailed to you after our session. I can’t wait for you to start using them!

  6. Do I have to meet with you in July to get the BONUS gift?
    As long as you complete your booking and get your confirmation on or before July 31, you’ve got an extra BONUS gift coming your way! Note: you can schedule up to 30-days from the day you decide to take action.

Still have questions? Send me an email and we’ll figure out a solution.

Your story matters. My proposal to you? Let me help you tell it.

Book before 11:59pm ET on July 31 to get your free bonus gift!