Does your Brand need to be dating more people?

You already have a great Brand Story but you just can't connect with the consumers who match with your brand. Why aren't more consumers swiping right for YOU? 

Whether it's 50 First Dates or Serial Brand Monogamy you're looking for, Gigi Peterkin shows you how to connect with the audiences who will LOVE and DATE your Brand! 


Seduction • Connection • Feeling


How do your consumers decide if they're going to swipe right or swipe left when it's time to make a purchase? It all starts with a feeling, a connection. If consumers can't relate to your Brand, if there's no human face or emotion behind the logo and the messaging, they won't want a relationship with you — full stop.

Does your brand story connect with the hearts of your audience? Nothing gets a swipe left quicker than skipping the emotion and going right into the elevator pitch. If you're still creating the perfect pitch, you're missing the opportunity. If you're automating your replies and not personalizing them for your audience, you're going to be known as a "one night stand" Brand.

Humans crave connection. Your consumers, your clients, your network want to connect. People want to make connections in a way that has meaning to THEM. And they want to know why THEY matter to YOU. 

I've spent two decades, TWO DECADES y'all, creating Brand Matchmaking™ to help you get to the heart of your story and build the ultimate connection with the hearts and minds of your audience. Want to learn how to get your brand more dates? 

Click below to "Swipe Right" and let's get started.


“Gigi is a professional with a vast understanding of media, public outreach and PR. From crafting a digital strategy or a delicate sentence, Gigi has the talent to know what works, how subtle differences can make a big difference and the experience to just know better!

And she’s fun too! There’s simply no one better in my book!”