Do Consumers Swipe Right on Your Brand?

It all starts with a feeling. Get ready to Boost your Brand with all the feels.
It's time for the Ultimate Brand Hookup with Gigi Peterkin.


How do your clients decide if they're going to swipe right or swipe left? It all starts with a feeling. Like on a dating site, it's all about the profile you create — the pictures and words that you use to seduce consumers into a relationship with your brand. Seduction. Connection. Feeling. It's about the head and the heart.

Does your brand story connect with the hearts of your audience? Nothing gets a swipe left quicker than skipping the emotion and going right into the elevator pitch. If you're still creating the perfect pitch, you're missing the opportunity. Your consumers, your clients, your network don't want to be pitched, they want to connect. THEY WANT TO HEAR AND CONNECT TO YOUR STORY in a way that has meaning to THEM.

Every Brand has a story. I've spent two decades, TWO DECADES y'all, creating Brand Matchmaking to help you get to the heart of your story and build the ultimate seduction of the hearts and the minds of your audience. Ya feel me? Swipe right and let's get started.



Mind. Blown.

“Gigi is a professional with a vast understanding of media, public outreach and PR. From crafting a digital strategy or a delicate sentence, Gigi has the talent to know what works, how subtle differences can make a big difference and the experience to just know better!

And she’s fun too! There’s simply no one better in my book!”