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VIDEO: Why Being a Story Hoarder is Bad for Your Business

The perils (to your business) of story hoarding, and what you can do about it.

VIDEO: But First, Meditate

I did a quick FB Live today and wanted to share it here. It will be archived on the Blog as well as my YouTube channel). Find out why I start my day and even some of my Coaching Sessions with meditation — even before coffee! — and how science and mindfulness masters back up my findings! 

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I announced a giveaway at the end of the video above ^^. Through June 5, 2019 you can snag a FREE copy of my Workbook “Questions from the Universe.” I give this workbook to all of my coaching clients at the beginning of our journey together. We get GREAT insights every time. Grab your FREE until 11:59pm ET on June 5, 2019, when it will be available for purchase here on the website.

PS: there’s more! Take the brief survey (:45 seconds, I timed it!) at the end of the Workbook and as a THANK YOU for your feedback I’ll send you a copy of my Master Storyteller Guide!